Authentic Ghee

From time in memorial,  Cow Ghee/ Desi Cow Ghee is an important ingredient in the culinary of Indian house hold. Churning curd to separate butter was one of the important activity in the olden days in granny’s kitchen heating butter over medium flame for a while would result in clarified butter – Ghee. This method of Ghee making is known as “ Bilona Method.

The greed of making money overnight led people to extract fatty solids from milk through pasteurising process. Such extracted milk solids are then converted into “ So called Ghee “ . This look alike Ghee makes more harm than any good to human health.

Bilona Ghee contains more of biruetic fatty acids which instantly supports the digestive system.  

Health Benefits of consuming Bilona Ghee

1. Strengthens immune system.

2. Rich Source of essentials vitamins

3. Contains healthy Fats.

4. Consumption leads to healthy gut.

5. Supports digestion.