Cold Pressed cooking oil

It is rightly advised by the elders not to reuse the cooking oil for the reason that there will be loss of nutrients due to reheating. In short, the cooking oil when reheated losses all the nutrients and its advantages for good health. Hence Cold Pressed Cooking Oils.

Historically our ancestors use to extract oil from coconut, groundnut, sesame etc.,taking immense care so that the temperature of the oil during extraction does not rise 5 to 10 degree more than the ambient temperature. Greed and commercial mind set brought the change in the method of extracting the oil introducing excess heat by way of steam. Oil cells in the oil seed swells when the steam is introduced leading to high output of oil in comparison to  Cold Pressed traditional Method. In this method oil is extracted In low temperatures and output is much lower than the non-traditional – commercial method.

Cold Pressed cooking oils are always rich in nutrients, natural goodness, flavour, aroma and contains high medicinal values which supports good health. It is always recommended to use the oil used by our forefathers and not to get carried away to colourful advertisements by multinational companies who produce refined oils.

Healthy Benefits of cold pressed cooking oils.

1. High content of nutrients is highly beneficial in maintaining metabolism in the body.

2. Chemical free process leads to better health.

3. Supports healthy weight loss.

4. Prevention of life threatening diseases.

5. Better bone health.